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We manage the entire process with the assistance of the best Spanish attorneys and official translators in Spain.


Upon your arrival you are required to get your NIE within a limited amount of time. This process is not easy especially when you don't speak Spanish or know how to get your "Empadronamiento". Lucky for you, we are a premium Barcelona agency. We get you expedited NIE appointments, complete your forms, and personally accompany you to appointment. 


This is a town hall registration required to obtain your NIE and to obtain other services in Barcelona such as access to public and concertada schools.

Health Insurance

If you are from a non-EU country like the US, you are are required to obtain private health insurance as part of your visa process when you are moving to Barcelona.  EU citizens are also required to obtain private health insurance when they are moving to Barcelona on a non lucrative status to obtain their NIE. 

Bank Account

Normally, you cannot get a bank account unless you already have your NIE card which takes time to obtain. However, we assist you with getting a bank account with only your passport if necessary. All bills including utilities, rent, school, club memberships, etc. must be paid by bank transfer in Spain. Not credit cards or cash.

Social Security Number

In order to work for a registered company in Spain you are required to have a Social Security Number.


We coordinate getting your utilities including internet and phone active or transferred in your name. 


Whatever services you need we can help.