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Schools in Barcelona

For families with children, moving to and living in Barcelona can be challenging depending on where you live, your economic situation, how well your children speak Spanish, what types of learners they are, etc. etc. etc. At BCN Life we give you answers and solutions to these issues so you make the best decisions for your family. Schools in Barcelona basically fall in the following categories:

Private International Schools

These consist of the schools that you easily find in internet searches of schools in Barcelona. While these schools are the most expensive schools in Barcelona, they provide an excellent education. However, they may not offer the best way for your children to learn Spanish if that is your priority.

Private Trilingual Schools

For those of you with a smaller budget or because there are no places for your children in your desired international school above, there is a tier of English based private trilingual schools that can be a good option as well.

Charter "Concertada" Schools

These are called concertados and concertadas depending on the feminine (escuela) or masculine (colegio) use in Spanish. Often referred to as "semi-private" schools, they are technically public schools but some function and operate like private schools, and in some cases, even better than some private schools. Some offer a trilingual education in Catalan, Spanish and English, although Catalan will be the dominant language and English generally the least dominant.   

So while you will not find a dominant English based concertada, these schools can be a good option for your children, especially to learn Spanish faster. The problem is that there are very few to no places available at the best concertada schools, but we help you with this process.


Public Schools

These offer free education which are in Catalan except for some Spanish learning classes, but almost no English. At all schools, including public schools, you have to pay for lunch during the one and half to two hour break children have in the middle of the day which is about 150€ per month. However, you do have the option to pick up your children during lunch instead of paying the monthly fee and in the higher grades students can leave campus on their own during this time, opting out of the monthly lunch fee. 


Do you know how to register for and get into the best concertadas and public schools?

Do you know the difference from what all the different private schools offer?

Don't worry. We have toured more schools and discussed them with both locals and expats to understand the nuances of each school's strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, our children have even been in both private and public schools. 

We help choose the best school for your children from private school options to concertadas to free public schools based on your desired school needs. 

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