RENTAL home finding - MOST POPULAR

Finding your PERFECT new home is the key to having your BEST LIFE in Barcelona

We help you find the home that perfectly matches your desired experience, including viewing videos and photos that we have taken ourselves. This way there are no surprises, just smiles when you walk in to your new home to start your new life in Barcelona!

Navigating you through the stressful process

The rental market in Barcelona is very complex, frustrating and tiresome especially when you are not familiar with the city, language and culture. Barcelona statistics show that up to 40% of international transfers don't work, meaning newcomers return to their home country in less time than anticipated. The biggest factors are not being happy where you live, or having a good network of friends, and cultural awareness and integration.

Let us find the best flat for you based on our budget!

Neighborhood Selection

We know all the neighborhoods in Barcelona so we will select the best neighborhood for you based on your needs and lifestyle.

Home Search

From listings and through our list of relationships, we will compile a list of the most suitable rentals based on your budget and requirements.

Appointments & Viewings

We contact all the agencies and landlords and coordinate appointments and handle viewings of all selected properties.

Lease Negotiation

We negotiate the best terms for you based on rental amount, furniture inventory, length of stay, deposit, community fees, among other things.

Lease Explanation & Signing

We explain your lease so you understand fully what you are signing and agreeing to.

Move-in & Help Line

We coordinate getting all your needs including utilities, internet, furniture, phone, bank account, and any additional questions you have to make your move as smooth as possible.