Non Lucrative Visa Spain | Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain "Non Lucrative Visa Spain"

"Non Lucrative" RESIDENCE Visa Spain

Obtain a Non Lucrative Residence Visa to Live in Barcelona Spain

Spain is the best country to live in the world. With its great weather, incredible food, lively culture, and relaxed lifestyle, Spain is the most popular place in the world for expats to live when moving abroad. 

Barcelona Spain

Among all the cities in Spain, Barcelona is the most popular with its amazing beaches coupled with incredible mountain ranges for hiking and skiing, and entrepreneurial and start-up environment. Barcelona is located in the region of Catalonia, also called Catalunya, that has the most beautiful coastal area in the world, Costa Brava. 

Legal Requirements to Live in Spain

When you have citizenship outside the EU, like from USA, you need to obtain a residence visa, sometimes referred to as a residence permit, to live in Spain for longer than 90 days, basically longer than 3 months. 

Residence Visas Types 

There are basically five types of residence visas you can get to live in Spain. But unless you plan to be a student, have a work contract, plan to spend 500,000 euros in cash on real estate, or want to take a chance on the riskiest visa of them all, an entrepreneurial visa, then the safest and most popular visa to obtain is the non lucrative residence visa Spain. You just need to have 26,000 euros in bank savings. 

Non Lucrative Visa Spain

This is by far the most popular visa to obtain to live in Spain. This residence visa will allow you to stay in Spain for up to 5 years with bi-annual renewals. This non lucrative visa is perfect for:

  • people who plan to retire in Spain
  • non-EU citizens who can work remotely from Spain
  • people who plan to spend up to 1 year in Spain

Why BCN Life

Started by a Harvard Law American expat, BCN Life coordinates you entire process to obtain your Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain. BCN Life uses the protection of the best Spanish immigration attorneys and official translators in Spain. 

“Non-Lucrative” Visa Spain Packages include: 

  • Scheduling of your appointment(s)

  • Assessing and listing all the required documents necessary to file application

  • Assistance with obtaining all the documentation required for the application and review of the documents from scanned copies

  • Preparation of all the required application and fee forms in Spanish

  • Preparation of Motivation Letter in which law firm recognizes being your lawyers in Spain and your reasons for wanting to move to Spain

  • Private health insurance to meet visa application requirements

  • Preparation of the Medical Certificate in Spanish and English

  • Coordination of translation of necessary documents by official Spanish translator

  • Courier to you necessary documents

  • Residency NIE Card: assistance to obtain NIE card upon arrival in Barcelona including: instructions on how to get registered with the town hall to obtain “empadronamiento” (including making empadronamiento appointment, preparation of forms, and processing this for you), making NIE appointment(s), providing list of necessary documents to present, preparation of forms, and accompaniment to NIE appointment

  • We hand hold you through the entire process assisting you with all your needs including contacting the Consulate if appropriate


The Non Lucrative Residency Visa Spain allows you to reside in Spain for longer than 90 days, without needing to buy real estate or live in Spain as a student.

We set you up with the private health insurance required for your Non Lucrative Visa. 

Then when you arrive in Barcelona, we help you obtain your NIE card, the final requirement of your Non Lucrative Visa process.

non lucrative visa spain HEALTH INSURANCE


Non Lucrative Visa Spain Health Insurance "Non Lucrative Visa Spain Health Insurance"

As part of the process of obtaining your Non Lucrative Visa Spain, you are required to obtain private health insurance. Also, the health insurance must meet certain conditions. Moreover, Spanish private health insurance is much more cheaper than international insurance.

We provide you with private Spanish health insurance that has the best coverage with the most affordable rates.